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Edward N. Hurley, Chairman, Shipping Board, to Raymond B. Stevens, Vice-Chairman, Shipping Board, and Representative, Allied Maritime Transportation Council

Chronological Copy.           File No. <42-2-4>

     Cablegram Received  April <16, 1918> 09017   MJK1

Origin    Opnav Washington.             Ser. No. 3020

     C 3 17 April



5020. Boards Navy 71 for Stevens from Hurley Urgent. I have persuaded Chas. M. Schwab president Bethlehem Steel to accept position with Fleet Corporation as Director General in charge of shipbuilding, Piez still retains the vice-presidency.2 He comes to Washington immediately Am confident that his efforts will conspicuously speed up ship construction Everybody here thoroughly gratified 23016 5020


Source Note: Cy, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517B. The date is handwritten and is confirmed by time and date stamp.

Footnote 1: Initials of the transcriber.

Footnote 2: Charles M. Schwab, President, and Charles Piez, Vice-President, Emergency Fleet Corporation.