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Commander Paul Foley and L. I. Thomas to Edward N. Hurley, Chairman, Shipping Board

Subject Copy.                              File No. <46-4-1>

Cablegram Sent April: 20, 1918 MJK

To       Opnav Washington.                 Ser. No. 6772

Prep. by                     SX D.R.


6772. Urgent. For immediate delivery. Petroleum Mission3 from Foley and Thomas for Hurley begins: Our telegram 67161 British Authorities telegraphed Black2 18th resume of rerouting proposals submitted by them<.> same contemplates shipment to Mediterranean of entire Eastern naphtha production. We are preparing counter statement showing effect of drawing all supplies including naphtha from nearest source and hope telegraph you result early next week. Meantime strongly urge that no decision be taken on any proposals which Black may submit. We are fully coordinated with Stevens.3 11320. 6772


Source Note: Cy, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517B.

Footnote 1: This document has not been located.

Footnote 2: Sir Frederick Black, British Director General of Munitions Supply.

Footnote 3: Raymond B. Stevens, Vice-Chairman, Shipping Board, and Representative, Allied Maritime Transport Council.

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