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George I. Gay, Commissioner, Planning Division, to Professor J. A. Field, Staff of Edward N. Hurley, Chairman, Shipping Board

Chronological Copy.                          File No. <42-2-4>

Cablegram Received April <13, 1918.> 14014 LEM

Origin    Opnav Washington                  Ser. No. 4918

     C3 Apr 13

     33 ADR


4918.  Boards Navy 61 for Field from Gay Your 871 regarding vessels lost and acquired. Full details by month and classification are being mailed. Impossible cable this mass of data. Hope following figures sufficient detail for your immediate use. Regarding steamers other than tank ships and over 1600 tons the number of vessels acquired by the United States January 1917 to March 1918 inclusive was 335.

Vessels aggregate 1,733,000 gross tons. The gross tonnage of foregoing by months follows in thousand ton:

          January 27         September 78

          February 25        October 65

          March 7            November 71

          April 41           December 63

          May 53             January 37

          June 109           February 71

          July 314           March 667.

          August 105

          Of the 335 vessels lost 152 aggregating 552,000 gross tons were built in United States and remainder built outside. IN addition all the foregoing 45 vessels of between 500 and 1600 tons aggregating 51,000 gross tons were acquired by United States during period under consideration. In further addition 43 steam tank ships over 1600 tons aggregating 296,000 gross tons were acquired by United States.

          The following figures given steamers other than tank ships and over 1600 tons lost by enemy actions. Total is 27 vessels aggregating 111,000 gross tons. Gross of foregoing by months follows thousand tons:

          January none            July 16

          February 3              August none

          March 11                September 5

          April 15                October 14

          May 7                   November 13

          June none               December 9

          January 3

          February 5

          March 10.

               In addition to the above 3 small steamers aggregating 4,000 gross tons and 12 tanks ships aggregating 49,000 tons were lost by enemy actions.

Of the losses by marine risk smaller steamers make up a much larger proportion than in case of enemy actions. Therefore we think you will get a better idea if we combine both small and large in the analysis by months as follows. During the period concerned 14 steam vessels other than tank ships refitting over 500 tons were lost by marine risks exclusive of inland waters. The aggregated 20,000 gross tons. Gross tonnage of foregoing by months follows in thousand tons:

              January none

              February none

              March 1

              April 3

              May 2

              June none

              July 1

              August 4

              September 1

              October 1

              November 4

              December none

              January none

              February none

              March 3

              Of the 14 vessels mentioned 4 were over 1600 tons and aggregated 12,000 tons. In addition to the foregoing 1 steam tank ship of 1500 tons was lost by Marine risks. Signed   Gay. 24013  4918


Source Note: Cy, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517B.

Footnote 1: This document has not been found.

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