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Flight Log of LTJG Jeff Davis Woodson, Lost at the Battle of Midway 

Title: Book, Flight Log, LTJG Jeff Davis Woodson
Accession #: NHHC 1985-26-F
Circa: 1942
Medium: Leather, Paper
Location: Headquarters Artifact Collection, Naval History and Heritage Command

Aviation flight log of James D. Woodson. The log begins on 9 March 1938, showing his flight times, operations, and planes used as a pilot with Torpedo Squadron 8 (VT-8). The brown cover is embossed “N.AER.4111 / Aviators Flight / Log Book / 5 / Name: Woodson J.D. / Ranke or Rate: ACMM (NAP) / Branch of Service: USN.” The top edge of the text block has “T-S4 Woodson” written in black ink. The bottom edge of the text block has “Woodson ACMM NAP TS4” written in black ink. 

The log ends abruptly on 4 June 1942. The last entry lists his plane as a TBD-1, Number 0308, one passenger, his mission a torpedo attack. Below this entry is written “Reported missing in action on 4 June 1942,” signed by Lieut. HH Larsen, US Navy, Commanding. 

On the morning of 4 June 1942, fifty-nine aircraft took off from the aircraft carrier USS Hornet (CV-8), among them fifteen planes of Torpedo Squadron 8 (VT-8), to attack the Japanese fleet near Midway Island. Of those fifteen, only one returned from the mission. Woodson’s plane was never recovered. He was listed as Missing in Action (MIA) on 4 June and presumed dead on 5 June. Woodson and the other pilots of VT-8 were awarded the Navy Cross for their actions during the Battle of Midway.

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