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Frequently Requested Records

Aircraft Accident Reports: Please provide as much detailed information about the accident as possible. This information will assist our staff to more efficiently and accurately locate the documents you are seeking.

Command Operations Report (COR): Formerly known as Command History Reports (CHR), these records are submitted by various commands throughout the Navy (i.e. Aviation, Ships, Bases, Fleets, etc.). They provide narrative summaries of operation and activities for each calendar year. For Command Operation Reports that have already been digitized please visit. Command Operations Reports and the NHHC FOIA Reading Room.

Deck Logs

  • For infomation about Deck logs: What is a Deck Log?
  • The following deck logs may be found at the Naval History and Heritage Command:
    • Unclassified deck logs from 1984 to the present
    • Classified deck logs from 1979 to the present
  • The following deck logs may be found at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA):
  • Tips for when submitting a request for Deck Logs:
    • Please include the name of the ship and the specific date for the deck logs that you are requesting. If you are unsure of the specific date, we recommend requesting the Command Operations Report (COR). Command Operation Reports can often assist in narrowing down the dates of deck log entries you require.
    • Deck logs may contain between 300 and 800 pages per month and require a line by line review to determine releasable information under the FOIA. It can take upwards of five hours to review and determine if a single month of deck logs is releasable to the public. Please note, under FOIA statute, "all other” requestors are entitled to two hours of search and 100 pages of duplication free of charge. More information on FOIA Fees and Applicability for a FOIA Fee Waiver can be found at: Department of Justice Fees and Fee Waivers.

Investigation Reports: Official investigations involving U.S. Navy ships and incidents that occurred on board U.S. Navy ships are maintained by the Office of Judge Advocate General. For more information the type of records and how to submit a FOIA request with the Judge Advocate General, please visit JAG's website.

Personnel Records: The National Personnel Records Center has custody of official individual personnel and medical records of Navy commissioned officers. For more information on how to obtain a personnel records please visit the NPRC website.

Finding Aids

The following guides may assist you in finding the information you are seeking:

Archives Section Electronic Finding Aids
Navy Department Library
Information on Naval Aircraft
Information on Naval Ships

Published: Fri Dec 22 08:11:28 EST 2023