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Documentary Histories

War Diary, Cummings

U. S. S. Cummings

28 – APRIL, 1918.

     As before. At 1:50 am, while escorting the S.S.CZARITZA, a suspicious wake was observed. The CZARITZA had separated from the remainder of the convoy in the dense fog. The fog had lifted a few minutes before and no other ships of convoy were in sight. One destroyer had been seen ahead. There was bright moonlight. This vessel was keeping the CZARITZA between the moon and herself, patroling about 500 yards on port quarter of CZARITZA. This oil wake was observed converging with the wake of the CZARITZA and just before reaching her wake diverged therefrom, at about 45°. This vessel followed up oil wake. The slick was narrow and suspicious. It suddenly appeared to parallel course of CZARITZA. A barrage of nine (9) depth charges was dropped near and ahead of termination of this oil slick. This vessels did not observe any apparent results while circling to rejoin CZARITZA. Further investigation was deemed of less importance than escorting of ship. At 1:17 pm sighted and at 2:30 pm joined main body of convoy with CZARITZA. At 10:10 anchored in Brest Harbour. At 4:22 underway, standing out of Brest Harbour, returning to Queenstown in company with “DUNCAN”, “CONYNGHAM”, PORTER”, “PAULDING”, and “Sterett”.

     8:00 A.M. POSITION:-48°-10' North - 5°-40' West.

     8:00 P.M.     do  :-49°-00'   do  - 6°-00'  do


Source Note: TDS, DNA, RG 45, Entry 520, Destroyer Ship Files, Cummings, folder 3. Cumming's commander was Lt. Cmdr. Owen Bartlett.

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