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NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal

Wreath surrounded by a globe in a triangle surrounded by a smaller wreath ribbon is light blue red sea blue and navy blue

Title: NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal
Accession #: NHHC 1992-16-A
Circa: 1980's
Size: 3.25 x 1.5
Medium: fabric, metal
Location: Headquarters Artifact Collection, Naval History and Heritage Command

One NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal. The planchet has a gold-wash and pierced design. The rim of the obverse planchet has a relief design of a wreath with an unrolled scroll across the middle. The center disc of the planchet is outlined with a laurel wreath. Inside the wreath is a globe inside a triangle. The NASA “worm” logo is below. The reverse of the medal reads “Exceptional Achievement.” A small finger projection at the top center of the planchet attaches to a suspension ring. The ribbon is tapered at the suspension ring. The ribbon colors are navy blue, sky blue, red, and light blue. The pin and clasp brooch is unique with an extra metal attachment.

This medal is awarded to any federal employee for a significant achievement or substantial improvement in operations, efficiency, service, financial savings, science, or technology that directly contributes to the mission of NASA.


Reverse showing pin and clasp brooch

Published: Thu Apr 09 13:42:29 EDT 2020