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Seabees in Action 

Seabees in Action Marvin Shields image

As part of the 1967, 25th Anniversary Press Kit, the Naval Facilities Engineering Command created “Seabees in Action,” short pamphlets on the history of the Seabees. These pamphlets informed the community and public about the Seabees during World War II and of several historic and heroic stories of the Seabees in Vietnam.

Dr. Henry Story [PDF, 2 MB]

Heroes, Hell, We're Constructionmen! [PDF, 2 MB]

Marvin Shields Story [PDF, 2 MB]

Seabee Teams [PDF, 6MB]

No Problem, sir, the Seabees are smoking cigars! [PDF, 2 MB]

Story of the Seabee - WWII to Vietnam [PDF, 23B]



Published: Wed Feb 26 18:19:03 EST 2020