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FORCE Master Chiefs 

The Senior Enlisted Advisor, now the Force Master Chief, position was created in 1968 to act as a point of contact for the Master Chief of the Navy on enlisted personnel matters concerning Seabees in the field. They also actively particpate in Seabee personnel planning, promoting welfare, and providing guidance to the Chief of NAVFAC on all matters affecting the Seabees.

The position name was changed from Senior Enlisted Advisor to Force Master Chief in 1980 although the duties remained the same.

<p>Master Chief Constructionman William H. Shannon</p>
Title: Master Chief Constructionman William H. Shannon
Caption: Master Chief Constructionman William H. Shannon

<p>Master Chief Constructionman Omar K. Wellborn</p>
Title: Master Chief Constructionman Omar K. Welborn
Caption: Senior Enlisted Advisor: October 1973 - June 1977

<p>Master Chief Equipmentman Johnny R. McCully</p>
Title: Master Chief Equipmentman Johnny R. McCully
Caption: Senior Enlisted Advisor: October 1973 - June 1977

<p>Master Chief Equipmentman Dwaine R. Rutherford</p>
Title: Master Chief Equipmentman Dwaine R. Rutherford
Caption: Senior Enlisted Advisor: June 1977 - May 1980

<p>Master Chief Equipmentman Jarvis O. Wood</p>
Title: Master Chief Equipmentman Jarvis O. Wood
Caption: FORCM: May 1980 - April 1983

<p>Master Chief Equipmentman Marvin John Hughes</p>
Title: Master Chief Equipmentman M. John Hughes
Caption: FORCM: April 1983 - August 1987

<p>Master Chief Utilitiesman William R. Brower</p>
Title: Master Chief Utilitiesman William R. Brower
Caption: FORCM: September 1987 - July 1990

<p>Master Chief Equipmentman Herman C. Hart</p>
Title: Master Chief Equipmentman Herman C. Hart
Caption: FORCM: July 1990 - June 1993

<p>Master Chief Constructionman (SCW) Patrick Race</p>
Title: Master Chief Constructionman (SCW) Patrick Race
Caption: FORCM: October 1995 - October 1998

<p>Master Chief Constructionman (SCW) George W. Gooch</p>
Title: Master Chief Constructionman (SCW) George W. Gooch
Caption: FORCM: October 1995 - October 1998

<p>Master Chief Equipmentman (SCW) A.A. Randy Kuehn</p>
Title: Master Chief Equipmentman (SCW) A.A. Randy Kuehn
Caption: FORCM: October 1998 - October 2001

<p>FORCM (SCW) Harrell T. Richardson</p>
Title: FORCM (SCW) Harrell T. Richardson
Caption: FORCM: October 2001 - December 2005

Title: Master Chief Constructionman (SCW) James Fairbanks
Caption: FORCM: December 2005 - May 2008

<p>Master Chief Constructionman (SCW) Michael Holdcraft</p>
Title: Master Chief Constructionman (SCW) Michael Holdcraft
Caption: FORCM: May 2008 - April 2011

<p>FORCM (SCW) Douglas Ray Dickey</p>
Title: FORCM (SCW) Douglas Ray Dickey
Caption: FORCM: April 2011 - January 2014

<p>Force Master Chief Christopher R. Levesque</p>
Title: Force Master Chief Christopher R. Levesque
Caption: FORCM: January 2014 - March 2016

<p>FORCM (SCW/EXW) Percy Trent</p>
Title: FORCE Master Chief Percy Trent Jr.
Caption: FORCM: March 2016 - June 2019

<p>Force Master Chief of the Seabees Terrell Delbert</p>
Title: Force Master Chief Delbert M. Terrell, Jr.
Caption: FORCM: June 2019 - March 2022

Title: Force Master Chief (SCW) Lawrence W. Sharpe
Caption: FORCM: March 2022 - present
Published: Thu Jul 20 16:27:08 EDT 2023