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Tregaskis Photographs #76-94 

76. Suspension Bridge-Thu Thua. Construction of this suspension bridge was started by Seabees from Seabee Team 0604 (NMCB-6).This 50-meter footbridge was then completed by Seabee Team 0410.

77. Replacing Collapsed Bridge-Phuong Dien. A “Civic Action Team ”·from NMCB-10 and local Vietnamese work together to complete a new bridge near Phuong Dien, replacing old, collapsed structure.

78. Trainee Laying Cement Block-Chau Doc Province. Seabee Tommy Allen of Seabee Team 5803 of NMCB-58 shows Vietnamese trainees the correct way to lay concrete block while building a 10-room nurses dormitory.

79. Sick Call-An Giang Province. Hospital Corpsman Frank O. Pacetti, attached to Seabee Team 0509 of NMCB-5, holds sick call while on MEDCAP (Medical Civilian Assistance Program).

80. Camp Haskins-DaNang. Aerial view of Camp Haskins, Red Beach, Da Nang, looking north, showing NMCB-1 cantonment, the 30th NCR Headquarters, and NMCB-9 camp in the background.

81. Willing But Battered Volunteer- 1970. Seabee (Equipment Operator 3rd Class) John A. Kuenstler, of NMCB 62, left, talks to his Senior Chief Jarvis O. Wood at embattled Hill 55 near Hoi An . Blown up three times while manning his bulldozer, the 24-year old Kuenstler agitated with his chief to rejoin his unit, when seriously injured. A cowboy from Artesia Wells, Texas, Kuenstler said of the Seabees’ work: This is the best job there is. You can see what you're doing.

82. President Nixon Greets Returning Seabees. President Richard M. Nixon visits with Seabees of NMCB-3 who arrived from Vietnam just one hour prior to President Nixon's own arrival at the Naval Air Station, Point Mugu, California, on March 21, 1969.

83. Driving Piles for "Liberty Bridge"-South of DaNang. Seabees life an 85' pile into position for driving. In all, 800 piles were driven 40 feet into the river bottom in the construction of the "Liberty Bridge"-about 16 miles south of DaNang.

84. View of "Liberty Bridge." This 2,040' timber bridge is the longest ever built by the Seabees. It is also the longest timber bridge in Vietnam.

85. Viet Cong Attack on Hospital-DaNang. View of destruction of a segment of the new U.S. Naval Hospital, DaNang-then under construction by NMCB-9 .The hospital, and an adjacent Seabee camp, were attacked by the Viet Cong on October 28, 1965. During the attack, two men were killed and 93 were wounded. The Seabee camp was subsequently y named "Camp Adenir"-in honor of SD3 Restituto P. Adenir , who was killed in that attack.

86. Precast Concrete Bunkers-Dong Ha. The Seabees of NMCB-5 produced over 800 of these slope type parapet bunkers, in their precast yard at Camp Barnes, Dong Ha. A trench was dug and the parapet bunker was placed across it.

87. Aircraft Revetment Assembly-Phu Bai. Seabees of NMCB-133 assemble revetments on the aircraft parking apron, at Phu Bai, for Marine Air Group 36 (MAG-36). The revetments are built in a “U” to envelop the aircraft on three sides. The assembled revetments are filled with sand.

88. Landing Craft Ramp-Hue. A Seabee forklift operator from NMCB-121 works at the LCU (Landing Craft, Utility) ramp at Hue, in Military Region I.

89. MoMat Runway Repairs-Near Hue. A detail of Seabees from NMCB-4 positions and splices of MoMat sheeting on the runway at Camp Evans airfield, located about 20 miles north of Hue.

90. Road Rehabilitation-Vinh Dai. Members of NMCB-53 pave a road with asphalt, at Vinh Dai. Original road surface had to be totally reconstructed.

91. Fiercely Contested Bridge Restored by Seabees of NMCB-10. Embattled bridge at Quang Tri, 1970, being replaced by 900-foot wooden structure built by Seabees. Railroad bridge, rear, had been serving as replacement for road traffic. Bridge destroyed by enemy is at center.

92. Bridge Restoration-Lap An Bay. NMCB-1 Seabees jacking the Hoi Can Bridge. This was part of the program of Vietnamese National Railway System bridge restoration. The Hoi Can Bridge is near Lang Co, on Lap An Bay, about 25 miles north of DaNang.

93. Runway Resurfacing-Phu Bai. Seabees of NMCB-133 resurface the runway as a C-130 Hercules aircraft takes off from the completed end of the runway.

94. Seabee Hero at Civic Action Work-1967. LT Harvey Henry, doctor of NMCB 9, won Navy Commendation Medal for doing open-heart surgery on wounded Seabee under fire at DaNang, October 28, 1965. In that attack, the battalion suffered heaviest casualties of any Seabee outfit in Vietnam War. Here, "Doc" Henry palavers with village people at hamlet near DaNang as he brings rice (background ) to settlement.

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