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World War II Seabees in Color

Seabees in Color_5

Seabees carry section of pressed steel runway surfacing (Marston matting), while constructing the Torokina Airfield on Bougainville Island.

Seabees in Color_4

Navy Seabees lay Marston matting while completing the Torokina Airfield on Bougainville, 1943.

Seabees in Color_1

Seabees lower Hercules powder explosives over the side of an LCVP during construction of the Eniwetok Atoll airfield, February 1944

Seabees in Color_2

Seabees blasting near shore during construction for airfield on Eniwetok Atoll, 23 June 1944.

Seabees in Color_3

Seabees use power shovel to load sand into a dump truck on Eniwetok Atoll, 23 June 1944.

Seabees in Color_7

B-29 Superfortress bomber nicknames Jackpot is decorated with the scowling visage of "Joe Seabee" by Ptr1/c Edmund D Wright of the 107th Naval Construction Battalion on Tinian 1944.

Seabees in Color_9

Shipfitter Second Class Steven J. Kusial working on a Seabee road construction crew on Guam, 1944.

Seabees in Color_8

Seabees with the 94th Naval Construction Battalion building a road at Talafofo, Guam on 9 March 1945.

Seabees in Color_6

Okinawa Seaplane Base under construction by the 7th Naval Construction Battalion.

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