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Tregaskis Photographs 61-75 

61. Newport Project Key Personnel. Four key members of the military-civilian construction team responsible for "Newport" were: (for RMK-BRJ) James A. Lilly, General Manager; Bert L. Perkins, Operating Committee Deputy Chairman; (for NAVFAC) LT Paul McCullagh, Resident Officer-in-Charge of Construction; and RADM Spencer R . Smith, Officer-in Charge of Construction for the Naval Facilities Engineering Command.

62. Newport Dedication Ceremony. A ribbon-cutting ceremony marked the opening of the Newport deep-draft port facility at Saigon, BGBN S. E. Lollis officiated as RADMs A. C. Husband and P. E. Seufer, right, looked on. On Lollis' left are (L-R) MGENs R.R. Ploger and C.H. Dunn, and BGEN D. A. Raymond.

63. MACV Headquarters-Tao Son Nhut. The headquarters facility for the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (center-right) is adjacent to the Tan Son Nhut Airbase complex, just north of Saigon. The MACV installation includes a headquarters building, a barracks and mess hall, the Headquarters Commandant's office and warehouse building, a power plant, a chiller plant, and a telephone exchange building. It has its own fresh water system with wells and treatment plant located on site. Paved roads and 4 acres paved parking lots were also provided. This headquarters complex is the United States.

64. U.S. Army Headquarters-Long Binh. The 6 buildings which form an "H'·(lower sector) are the headquarters complex of the United States Army, Vietnam (USARV); the four building complex in the upper sector of the photo are the headquarters of the U .S. Army's 1st Logistical Command.

65. Seabee Memento Presentation to Westmoreland. General W .C. Westmoreland, Commander, U.S. Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (COMUSMACV), is given a “Silver Seabee” by RADM J.V. Bartlett, Commander, Third Naval Construction Brigade. Looking on is CAPT C. W. Turner, Commander, 30th Naval Construction Regiment. The presentation took place at Brigade Headquarters, Camp Haskins, Red Beach-about 10 miles north of DaNang . The memento marked the 25th Anniversary of the Seabees in 1967.

66. Housing Project Dedication-DaNang. Vietnamese dedicate a housing development adjacent to DaNang Airfield. Construction was done by a detail from NMCB-58 as a Civic Action Project. Representing the U.S. at the ceremony were CAPT A. R. Marschall (Commander, 30th Naval Construction Regiment) and MGEN H. Nickerson, Jr. (Commanding General, First Marine Division), (L to R) flanking their Vietnamese officer host. Time was January 1967.

67. Photographer at Work- 1967. Moana Tregaskis takes pictures of the omnipresent kids at dedication of Seabee-built village for Vietnamese. Note, infants generally go pantless as practical sanitary measure.

68. Seabees Working, Camp Hoover. CDR Tom C. Williams, Commanding Officer of NMCB 10, with Richard Tregaskis. Chap in the middle is LCDR Jerry Dunn, Operations Officer of battalion, January, 1967.

69. President Johnson Awards Medal of Honor to Seabee Marvin Shields' Widow. President Lyndon B. Johnson presents the Medal of Honor to the widow of Marvin G. Shields, on 13 September 1966. (L-R): Secretary of the Navy, Paul H. Nitze; Seabee Shields' wife, Joan; his daughter, Barbara; President Johnson ; and Senator Henry M .Jackson, of Shields' home State of Washington.

70. AM-2 Runway Repairs-Dong Ha. Seabees of NMCB-11work no a type AM-2 (aluminum) runway matting that was damaged by enemy fire, as helicopters continue to operate overhead.

<p>Tregaskis photograph</p>
71. M8A1 Parking Apron Repairs-Dong Ha. Seabees of NMCB-11 repair and relay a type M8A1 steel matting of a parking apron which was damaged by enemy mortar fire.

72. "Strongback Huts"-Quang Tri Combat Base. Seabees of NMCB-11 are building hundreds of Strongback Huts for a Marine camp. These units were later converted to SEA Huts by replacing the tenting with corrugated sheet metal roofing.

73. SEA Huts-Da Nang. A SEA Hut is being erected by the Seabees of NMCB-10, for the Marines.

74. Wonder Arch Aircraft Shelter-DaNang. A 3-rib section of a steel Wonder Arch aircraft shelter is being lifted into position on a parking apron at the DaNang Airbase. Seabees are from NMCB-3.

75. Wonder Arch Aircraft Shelter-Military Region I. Seabees of NMCB-121 pour concrete to form a protective cover for a “Wonder Arch" aircraft shelter for Marine Aircraft Group 16, located in Military Region I.

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