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OFP Capabilities Development

Sewer Out Fall Pipeline
Caption: Cable burial on the beach


FP0-1 Criteria and Methods Program Volume 1 [ADA 163324]

This OFP Capabilities Development Program also known as the Criteria and Methods (C&M) Program was initiated in FY1974 and continued until FY1979. The program is described in a two-volume program plan with documents stored on the Defense Technology Information Center (DTIC).

  • Volume 1, DTIC number ADA163324, is a summary report which discusses how the Program began, its objectives and goals, the structure and conduct of the program, and its accomplishments.
  • Volume II, DTIC number ADA163325, is a user's guide for the Program archives. Initially, these documents were stored in a library in FP0-1 in Washington DC. Most of the program documents were digitized by the Defense Technology Information Center (DTIC) and now available through that organization. Some of the documents may have been transferred to Naval Facilities Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center (EXWC). The C&M DTIC documents can be accessed at

The Criteria and Methods Program was initiated in FY 74 to package the existing and evolving knowledge of ocean facilities engineering into manuals and handbooks to be used by ocean facilities engineers. The Program was to compare, evaluate, and document standard engineering, criteria and methods based upon existing practices in specific support of the Naval Facilities Engineering Command's (NAVFAC) mission to design, construct and maintain fixed ocean facilities. The goal was to minimize unnecessary variance and over-design, therefore maximizing reliability, safety and economy in meeting ocean engineering and construction requirements.

The Naval Material Systems Command (NAVMAT) funded the program from OM&N money at approximately $900,000 per year for three years. Within NAVFAC, program responsibility was assigned to the Program Coordination Office (PC-2) and responsibility to execute the program was delegated to the Ocean Engineering and Construction Project Office (FPO-I) of the Chesapeake Division.

FPO-I developed a multi-phased five-year execution plan to be performed by Navy Laboratories (NCEL, NUC, NUSC and DTNSRDC initially) and selected academic institutions and contractors. The multi-phased Program was divided into three parts.

  • Part One was the systematic acquisition of existing and/or new information required for the development of criteria and methods.
  • Part Two was the development and publication of official ocean facilities engineering handbooks and 7 manuals.
  • Part Three was the continuing review and updating of the publications.

We have researched the DTIC holdings and identified those C&M reports available for access. Those reports stored in DTIC can be accessed through this link: When the site is opened, copy and paste the DTIC document number into the search bar and the report should be made available for information or for downloading.

Not all of the reports were found in DTIC. When they are found, they will be added to the website. Some of the new capabilities developed are written reports created by the NOFPAA team and can be accessed by clicking on the title of the document.

Our goal is to provide factual and accurate information with references whenever possible. If you find any information is incomplete or inaccurate – email us at with a summary and documentation, if possible.

UCT Ice Operations
Caption: ICT ICEX Operations with Coast Guard cutter in the background


Anchor Systems ADA955024

Bottom Breakout Forces ADA837647

Moorings (missing)

Conventional Anchor Testing AD1117547

Embedment Anchors ADA028607

Drag Anchors ADB080279

Statmoor Program ADA119979

Mooring Inspections ADA078740

Studies of Deep Ocean Moor Dynamics Texas A&M (missing)

SEACON Mooring Experiment ADA183425

SEADYN Cable Structures Modeling Program ADA217229

Guide to the Use of Propellant Embedment Anchors in Coral and Rock ADA120025


Diver Tools and Construction Techniques

Diver Tool Development


NTRP 4-04.2.8 Conventional Underwater Construction and Repair Techniques (available to UCTs)

NTRP 4-04.2.9 Expedient Underwater Construction and Repair Techniques (available to UCTs)

UCT Arctic Operations Manual P-992 (Available to UCT's)

Arctic Table of Allowance (TOA) 

Design and Installation of Near-shore Cable Protection Systems ADA165713

Horizontal Drilling Systems for Cable Protection ADA274219


Ocean Construction Equipment Inventory (OCE) and Special Equipment

Ocean Construction Platform - SEACON

Transportable Recompression Chamber - ADA229907 and ADA223038

Ocean Construction Equipment Inventory (OCEI) ADA163327

AMMI Pontoon ADA955046


Ocean Engineering

Handbook for Marine Geotechnical Engineering and Materials Testing SP-2209-OCN

Electrical Penetrators ADA165743

E-M terminations ADA165743

Submarine and E-M Cables (missing)

Metallic Materials (missing)

Current Measurement System Design Support - WHOI (missing)      


Fixed Ocean Facilities Design, Construction, and Maintenance Vol 1

Series of Design Manuals Vol -1 thru 5:

•     FOF Suspended Cable Structures Vol 2 ADA047808

•     FOF Bottom Mounted Surface Structures ADA955015

•     FOF Bottom Mounted Surface Structures Vol. 5 ADA047809

•     FOF Related document ADA955028

Bottom Navigation Systems ADA955025

Lowering/Lifting Systems (missing)

Recovery Systems ADA955025

Remote Work Systems ADA955025

Search/Relocation Systems ADA955025

Site Preparation - Clearing/Excavation (missing)

Nearshore - Explosive Clearing and Excavation (missing)

Surface Navigation Systems (missing)

Nearshore Site Surveying (missing)

Hydrodynamics of Subsurface Structures (missing)

Hydrodynamics of Suspension Systems (missing)

Motion of Floating Structures (missing)

Dynamics of Floating Structures (missing)

Design Guide for U/W Concrete Inspection ADA236578,

Underwater Nondestructive Testing of Concrete: An Evaluation of Techniques ADA168270


Special Ocean Facilities Design and Construction

Deperming Facilities

Hyperbaric Facilities Design ADA167482

Large Suspended Cable Structures - SEACON II ADA040278


Ocean Construction Operations

Compendium of Ocean Construction Platforms ADA165619


Sea Floor Cable Protection Office

Seafloor Cable Protection Office


Our goal is to provide factual and accurate information with references whenever possible. If you find any information is incomplete or inaccurate – email us at with a summary and documentation, if possible.

Published: Thu Apr 04 13:43:28 EDT 2024