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Fun for the Entire Family

Are you planning to visit the Museum?

We have developed fun activities for the whole family to prepare you for a great museum experience! Use these simple games to introduce the concept of the United States Navy and Seabees to young students. Download and complete your favorite activity and then head to the museum.

Brick-by-Brick MRAP Design Plans [PDF, 797 KB] NEW!

Brick-by-Brick MRAP Parts List [PDF, 351 KB] NEW!

Buzzy the Seabee Coloring Page [PDF, 563 KB]

LEGO Coloring Page [PDF, 164 KB]

Old Salt Jargon Game and Answer Key [PDF, 474 KB]

Seabee Fallen Letters [PDF, 147 KB]

Seabee Logo Coloring Page [PDF, 241 KB]

Seabee Naval Communication Game and Answer Key [PDF, 317 KB] KB]

Seabee Parts of a Ship Narrative, Game and Answer Key [PDF, 503 KB]

Seabee Sharp Eyes Game and Answer Key [PDF, 387 KB]

Seabee Uniforms [PDF, 1MB]

Seabee Word Search [PDF, 91 KB]

Ships at Sea Narrative, Game and Answer Key [PDF, 401 KB]

Steelworker Lesson Plan [PDF, 607 KB]

Published: Wed Sep 16 13:37:06 EDT 2020