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Tregaskis Photographs #31-45 

31. Ammo Storage Facility at Long Binh. These massive earth­ covered concrete and steel Stradley ammunition bunkers were among the final projects completed by RMK-BRJ.

32. USAF Ammo Storage Area at DaNang Air Base. Earth revetments in process of construction; a segment of the USAF Ammo Storage Facility, adjacent to the airfield , DaNang Air Base.

33. Pipeline Dredge: SEABEE I. The 20-inch pipeline dredge SEABEE I is clearing the entrance channel to the Han Giang River, at Cua Viet.

34. Sidecaster Dredge: SANDCASTER. The 12-inch sidecaster dredge SANDCASTER removes shoals on the Cua Viet River-less than 5 miles from the DMZ.

35. Pipeline Dredge: HYUN DAI HO NO. I. A 25-inch pipeline dredge, the HYUN DAI HO NO. I, is dredging und for stockpiling, near Vinh Long.

36. Sunken Pipeline Dredge: JAMAICA BAY. On 9 January 1967, the 30-inch pipeline dredge JAMAICA BAY was mined and sunk by the Viet Cong (sappers): two large plastic charges were placed against her hull, one each on the starboard and port sides. The dredge sank immediately, in 20-30 feet of water, listing 60 degrees to the port side. In March 1967, she was salvaged and made ready for tow to Saigon for dry docking. Enroute, she sprung a seam and sank again, just off the port of Vung Tau. Attempts to raise her anew were unsuccessful and she was abandoned.

37. University Quarry-Saigon. This site derived its name from the fact that it was near the future Saigon University. In February 1966, a few months after its opening, the quarry had a 2 tons-per-hour crushing plant in operation, making rock for use throughout the greater Saigon area. In November 1966, a 400 ton-per-hour crusher was added and aggregate production jumped to an average of 6,500 tons per day. In January 1967, a hot-mix asphalt and concrete batch plant were set up. The new diversity of produces led to the imposing new site title: “Saigon University Materials Products Company”, or, for short: SUMPCO.

38. DaNang Quarry. This is the East DaNang crusher and rock loading facility. Mineral products from this quarry were provided to Military Region I.

39. RMK-BRJ Main Office-Saigon. In January 1962, RMK opened a temporary office in the Caravelle Hotel in downtown Saigon .The following month, a permanent office was set up at 2 Duy Tan. With the expansion of operations in 1965 (and the change from RMK to RMK­ BRJ), office space became critical. Taking advantage of the high-ceiling, colonial-style construction of the building , resourceful RMK-BRJ engineers worked out details for putting in a second floor in the Main Office.

40. Contractor Equipment Repair Shop. In 1964, RMK built the following shops: Carpenter, combination Mechanics and Welding, Electrical, and Plumbing. Millwork, mechanical repairs (as shown in the photo)-for all construction sites throughout the Delta-were accomplished at these shops.

41. Saigon Island Depot (RMK-BRJ). This is Thu Duc Island-one of RMK-BRJ’s 3 such depots in South Vietnam. Originally marsh land, this GVN-owned island required 6.filling and stabilizing of 590,000 SY of area, and the hauling of 1,200,000 CY of sub-base material, and 240,000 CY of rock for surfacing the area. The Thu Duc Depot included major repair shops, warehouses, open storage areas, and marine construction facilities.

42. Cam Ranh Depot (RMK-BRJ). This major RMK-BRJ depot was begun in November 1965 with the 6.filling of a spit in Cam Ranh Bay. The waterfront location was chosen so that LSTs and barges could be handled directly. To provide needed additional open storage space, a sand dune east of the spit was levelled and spread out to enlarge the north side of the open storage area.

43. Beauty and Beast. At SUMPCO Quarry, north of Saigon, the RMK-BRJ depot, quarry, and training and storage area, comely Vuet Nguyen Thi, 21, operates front-end loader. Here, in 1970, bottom drops hauled sand from the Saigon River. Thi (first name comes last in Vietnam) picked up the sand after the bottom drops dumped it, and piled it.

44. Trainee Machinist. Women received full-time training in machinist and welding skills-many co replace males enlisted into military service.

45. Secretarial Training Class. At the Saigon Main Office building, classes were held in English, Spelling, Typing, Filing, and Office Procedures.

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