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Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, 12–15 November 1942

Photo #: NH 52362 The five Sullivan Brothers
The five Sullivan brothers onboard Juneau (CL-52) at the time of her commissioning ceremonies at the New York Navy Yard, 14 February 1942. All were lost with the ship following the 13 November 1942 Naval Battle of Guadalcanal. The brothers are (from left to right): Joseph, Francis, Albert, Madison, and George Sullivan. George survived Juneau's sinking on 14 November, but died in the waters off San Cristobel Island five days later (NH 52362).

Battle of Guadalcanal 5

The multiphase Naval Battle of Guadalcanal consisted of a series of destructive air and sea engagements closely related to a Japanese effort to reinforce land forces on the island. In early November, the Japanese organized another Guadalcanal convoy, embarking 7,000 troops and their equipment in another attempt to retake Henderson Field. In conjunction with their troop landings, Japanese naval forces were assigned to bombard Henderson Field in order to destroy U.S. aircraft that posed a threat to the convoy. Ultimately, U.S. naval forces prevented the Japanese bombardment and sank most of the enemy troop transports. The only two U.S. Navy flag officers (Rear Admiral Daniel J. CallaghanRear Admiral Norman Scott) to be killed in a World War II surface engagement were lost in this battle. Two U.S. light cruisers, four destroyers, and 35 aircraft were lost; three destroyers were damaged. The Japanese lost two battleships, one heavy cruiser, three destroyers, eleven transports, and 64 aircraft. Japan’s defeat also ended the enemy’s final significant attempt to dislodge the Allied forces in the eastern Solomons.  


Historical Summary of the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal

Naval Battle of Guadalcanal Chronology

Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, 12–15 November 1942, Order of Battle

Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) Combat Narratives—Solomon Islands Campaign: VI Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, 12–15 November 1942

U.S.S. Birmingham (CL-62) Torpedo and Bomb Damage, Solomon Islands, 8 November 1943 (summarizes damage sustained during Naval Battle of Guadalcanal and related actions)

Loss of USS Juneau (CL-52) and the Sullivan Brothers

Vignette: MAtt1/c Leonard R. Harmon and Commander Mark H. Crouter of San Francisco (CA-38)

Vignette: Lieutenant Eugene A. Barham and Laffey (DD-459)

Vignette: Lieutenant Albert P. “Scoofer” Coffin of Torpedo Ten


Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, 12–15 November 1942


Published: Fri May 10 12:36:02 EDT 2019