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A Time of Change: National Strategy in the Early Postwar Era

(Colloquium on Contemporary History No. 1, 7 June 1989)

Photo #: 80-G-472620 Surrender of Japan, 1945Photo Quality Note:

U.S. Third Fleet ships steaming off Tokyo Bay before entering for the occupation of Japan, August 1945 (80-G-472620).


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Transcripts from this colloquium include the following:

  • Purposes of the Colloquium on Contemporary History
  • Opening Remarks
  • Independence and Responsibility: The Air Force in the Postwar World
  • The Influence of Naval Strategy On National Security Planning, 1945–1955
  • Forces and Strategy: The Air Force and the Strategic Mission, 1945–1950
  • The Navy and the Bomb: Naval Aviation's Influence on Strategic Thinking, 1945–1950
  • General Discussion
  • Speakers' Biographies


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