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USS Knox (DE-1052/FF-1052) 

Please see below for item level images and donated collections containing photographs of USS Knox (DE-1052/FF-1052) 

USS Knox (DE-1052), the prototype in a new class of destroyer escorts, was laid down 5 October 1965, by Todd Shipyards Corp., Seattle, Wash.; launched 19 November 1966; sponsored by Mrs. Peter A. Sturtevant, granddaughter of Commodore Knox; and was completed in the summer of 1968.

USS Knox (DE-1052) performed search and rescue operations and provided evacuation, blockade, and surveillance support, when necessary, for the Pacific Fleet. In April 1975, Knox participated in Operation Eagle Pull, the evacuation of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. USS Knox was redesignated a frigate on 30 June 1975 as FF-1052.

Decommissioned on 14 February 1992, USS Knox (FF-1052) was stricken from the Naval Vessel Register on 11 January 1995.

For a complete history of USS Knox (DE-1052/FF-1052) please see its DANFS page.