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USS Endicott (DD-495/DMS-35) 

Please see below for item level images and donated collections containing photographs of USS Endicott (DD-495/DMS-35) 

USS Endicott (DD-495) was launched by the Seattle-Tacoma Shipbuilding Corp., Seattle, Wash., on 5 April 1942; sponsored by Miss Bettie L. Rankin; and commissioned 25 February 1943, with Lieutenant Commander W. S. Heald, in command.

The destroyer underwent shakedown off San Diego, was ordered to the Atlantic Fleet and in her first year escorted two convoys to Africa and one to Ireland, Panama, and Trinidad. USS Endicott (DD-495) underwent overhaul and refresher training from October through the end of 1944. In January 1945 she sailed via Bermuda on the scouting line, then proceeded to rendezvous with TG 21.5 to escort USS Quincy (CA-71) in whom President Franklin D. Roosevelt was embarked, to Yalta and back to New York. She was reclassified DMS-35 on 30 May 1945. Dispatched to the Pacific, she arrived in San Diego three days after the Japanese surrender.

After a period of overhaul in May 1946, she operated out of San Diego in peacetime patrols and local exercises until the outbreak of the Korean war. In June 1950 USS Endicott (DMS-35) weighed anchor for the coast of Korea where she screened carriers USS Badoeng Strait (CVE-116) and USS Sicily (CVE-118). Steaming to Chinhae Wan in August, she lent direct fire support to the U.N. troops and on 15 September escorted a Korean LST in a feint attack against Chang Sa Dong. When the LST broached, Endicott stood guard until help arrived.

An overhaul in San Diego was succeeded by USS Endicott (DMS-35)'s second tour in Korean waters. During the first half of 1952 she cruised on the Songjin Patrol and devoted the last 4 months of the year to overhaul at Long Beach. Early in 1953 she again sailed for the Far East to patrol and provide gun support for minesweepers operating in the Korean area. Endicott received repairs at Long Beach in August and thereafter conducted individual and fleet exercises in local waters. On 17 August 1954 she was decommissioned and placed in reserve at San Diego. USS Endicott was reclassified DD-495 on 15 July 1955.

For a complete history of USS Endicott (DD-495/DMS-35) please see its DANFS page.