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USS Greenling (SS-213) 

Please see below for item level images and donated collections containing photographs of USS Greenling (SS-213) 

USS Greenling (SS-213) was launched by Electric Boat Co., Groton, Conn., 20 September 1941; sponsored by Mrs. R. S. Holmes; and commissioned at New London, Conn., 21 January 1942, Lt. Comdr. H. C. Bruton in command.

After shakedown training out of New London, USS Greenling (SS-213) departed 7 March 1942 for the Pacific. She arrived at Pearl Harbor 3 April and sailed 20 April for her first war patrol in the Marshalls and Carolines. The submarine departed the Truk area 4 June, the day of Japan's first great naval defeat at the Battle of Midway, and arrived Pearl Harbor 16 June. USS Greenling (SS-213) departed on her second war patrol 10 July 1942. One of the first submarines to operate in the Truk area, she now joined in the undersea blockade of that important base, in an attempt to cut its supply lines to Japan. After damaging ships 26 and 29 July USS Greenling (SS-213) sank transport Brazil Maru off Truk, and just after midnight the same night attacked cargo ship Palau Maru, which she torpedoed and sank.

USS Greenling (SS-213)'s third war patrol took her off the Japanese home islands. Departing Midway 23 September, the submarine sank cargo ship Kinkai Maru 3 October, Setsuyo Maru the next day. After destroying a sampan in the Tokyo-Aleutians shipping lanes 21 October, Greenling returned to Pearl Harbor 1 November. The attrition on Japanese shipping by submarines was already being felt and would be a major factor in her eventual defeat. Steaming into the Solomons-Truk area for her fourth war patrol, USS Greenling (SS-213) departed Pearl Harbor 9 December 1942. Immediately -upon her arrival off Bouganville 21 December she attacked a tanker and two escorts, sinking Patrol Boat 35 before being driven down by depth charge attacks.

Returning to action 5 December at Pearl Harbor, USS Greenling (SS-213) sailed for her eighth war patrol 20 December 1943, in the Caroline Islands. She ended the old year with a late night attack, which sank freighter Shoho Maru, reconnoitered Wake Island, and returned to Midway 28 January 1944. USS Greenling (SS-213)'s last war patrol, her 12th, was carried out in the Nansei Shoto Islands. Departing Pearl Harbor 26 December she found no targets until 24 January 1945, when she intercepted a nine-ship convoy. While making her approach Greenling was attacked by escorts, and after a 4-hour depth charge attack managed to make her escape. The submarine suffered minor damage and steamed to Saipan 27 January 1945 for repairs.

USS Greenling (SS-213) was placed in service for the 1st Naval District in December 1946. Stationed at Portsmouth, N.H., she assisted in the training of reservists there and at Boston. The submarine continued this vital service until 18 March 1960, when she was placed out of service at Boston.

For a complete history of USS Greenling (SS-213) please see its DANFS page.