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USS Epervier (1814 -15) 

Please see below for item level images and donated collections containing photographs of USS Epervier  (1814 -1815) 

USS Epervier (1814 -1815), a sloop-of-war, was captured by the sloop-of-war Peacock off Cape Canaveral, Fla., on 29 April 1814, during our second war with Britain. Despite the extensive damage inflicted in this engagement, she was dispatched to Savannah, Ga., for condemnation.

Following repairs USS Epervier (1814 -1815) was taken into the Navy and assigned to the Mediterranean Squadron under Commodore Stephen Decatur, Jr., whose mission was to stop the harassment of American shipping by the Dey of Algiers. USS Epervier (1814 -1815) joined with Guerriere, Constellation, and Ontario in capturing the 46-gun frigate Mashuda.

Consequent to the signing of a treaty with the Dey of Algiers, Decatur chose USS Epervier (1814 -1815), Lieutenant John T. Shubrick in command, to bear a copy of the treaty and some captured flags to the United States. USS Epervier (1814 -1815) sailed through the Straits of Gibraltar on 14 July 1815 and was never heard from again, remaining today one of the fascinating mysteries in the annals of the sea.

For a complete history of USS Epervier (1814 -1815) please see its DANFS page.