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USS Harrison (DD-573)

Please see below for item level images and donated collections containing photographs of USS Harrison (DD-573)

USS Harrison (DD-573) was launched by Consolidated Steel Co., Orange, Tex., 4 May 1942; sponsored by Mrs. Harry B. Hird; and commissioned 25 January 1943, Comdr. C. M. Dalton in command.

Following shakedown training in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean, USS Harrison (DD-573) escorted a merchant ship to the Canal Zone, and sailed for New York. The ship arrived New York 6 April and Charleston 2 days later. She then joined a convoy out of New York for Casablanca, and after touching at several points in the Mediterranean returned 1 June to Charleston. Harrison was then as signed to anti-submarine exercises in Caribbean waters with carrier USS Yorktoicn, after which she performed escort duty in the area until 22 July 1943.

USS Harrison (DD-573) was assigned in mid-1943 to the Pacific fleet, where the crescendo of amphibious war was beginning. Departing with carrier USS Lexington from Norfolk 22 July, the ship arrived Pearl Harbor 9 August and spent the next days training for the important amphibious operations which were to come. With these vital preliminary operations complete, Harrison departed 21 October for duty in the Solomons, long the scene of bitter fighting both on land and sea.

USS Harrison (DD-573) arrived New Guinea 1 April, engaged in patrol and escort operations until 19 April, and then sailed to Humtooldt Bay for the assault. Carriers screened by the destroyer and her sisters bombarded enemy airfields and supported the successful landing, after which USS Harrison (DD-573) arrived Port Purvis 11 May for a month of local exercises and patrols. USS Harrison (DD-573) departed 22 August for New Guinea, where she supported with gunfire Rear Admiral Barbey's landing on Morotai Island 15 September. After helping to establish this important air base, the destroyer joined a larger task force at Humboldt Bay and departed 13 November for one of the largest operations of the war, the invasion of the Philippines. USS Harrison (DD-573) arrived off Leyte 20 October and delivered accurate shore fire for the assault forces during the initial stages. She then assumed escort duties in already crowded Leyte Gulf until returning to Humboldt Bay 23 October.

During the night of 30-31 July USS Harrison (DD-573) and the rest of her squadron swept Suruga Wan, near Tokyo, and in the very shadow of Mount Fujiyama bombarded railroad yards and an aluminum plant. Task Force 38 kept up its relentless attacks against Japan until the surrender 15 August. USS Harrison (DD-573) arrived Guam 26 August and Pearl Harbor 14 September. There the veteran destroyer got underway with carrier USS Enterprise for the Canal Zone and the East Coast, arriving Boston 17 October 1945. After Navy Day celebrations the ship arrived Charleston 3 November and decomissioned 1 April 1946. USS Harrison (DD-573) was subsequently placed in reserve and transferred to Orange, Tex., where she remains.

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