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USS Hamner (DD-718)

Please see below for item level images and donated collections containing photographs of USS Hamner (DD-718)

USS Hamner (DD-718) was launched 24 November 1945 by the Federal Ship Building & Drydock Co., Port Newark, N.J.; sponsored by Mrs. Henry Rawlings Hamner, wife of Lt. Hamner; and commissioned 12 July 1946, Ooindr. Joseph B. Swain in command.

After shakedown in the Caribbean, USS Hamner (DD-718) reported to the Pacific Fleet 24 December 1946 and immediately departed for her first deployment with the 7th Fleet. The new destroyer spent 9 months operating with Destroyer Division 111 out of various Chinese and Japanese ports before returning to the States for 6 months of training operations. USS Hamner (DD-718) followed this pattern of cruises until hostilities began in Korea 24 June 1950. Deployed in the Far East at the time, USS Hamner (DD-718) sailed to the Korean coast and began shore bombardment of Communist positions and supply lines. After operating along the Korean coast to screen carriers whose planes were pounding Communist troops, USS Hamner (DD-718) returned to the States in March 1951.

Returning to the States in May 1952, USS Hamner (DD-718) resumed her duties along the Korean coast 2 January 1953, remaining there on the bombline, at the seige of Wonsan Harbor, and on Formosa patrol until the armistice of 27 July 1953. USS Hamner (DD-718) returned to the Western Pacific every year thereafter visiting ports in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, and even Australia in 1956 and 1959. When not deployed in the Pacific, USS Hamner (DD-718) trained out of San Diego. Entering the San Francisco Ship Yard in January 1962, she underwent a Fleet Rehabilitation and Modernization (FRAM) overhaul designed to add 10 to 20 years to her operating efficiency. Fitted with a new superstructure and the Navy's most modern electronic equipment, USS Hamner (DD-718) left the shipyard 5 December 1962 and, after training, sailed for her 13th WestPac cruise 18 May 1963. During this cruise she was part of the ready amphibious group in South Vietnam coastal waters in September.

USS Hamner (DD-718) returned to San Diego 24 November. She operated along the West Coast throughout 1964 and sailed again for the Orient 5 January 1965. Overhaul at Hunter's Point and operations off the West Coast occupied the next year. USS Hamner (DD-718) got underway for her 14th WestPac deployment 2 July 1966. Leaving the fighting zone 20 November, a month and a day later, USS Hamner (DD-718) reached San Diego, where early in 1967 she began preparations to meet her next challenge.

For a complete history of USS Hamner (DD-718) please see its DANFS page.