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USS Hunley (AS-31)

Please see below for item level images and donated collections containing photographs of USS Hunley (AS-31)

USS Hunley (AS-31) was launched 28 September 1961 by the Newport News Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co., Newport News, Va.; sponsored by Mrs. J. Palmer Gaillard, wife of the Mayor of Charleston, S.C.; and commissioned 16 June 1962, Captain Douglas N. Syverson, in command.

USS Hunley (AS-31) has the distinction of being the first ship designed and built up from the keel to service and maintain the U.S. Navy's nuclear powered Ballistic Missile Submarine Fleet. She has complete facilities for servicing the complex Polaris Weapons Systems and for accomplishing any submarine repair other than a major shipyard overhaul. USS Hunley (AS-31) sailed 25 July 1962 for shakedown training off Cuba. This completed 6 September, she visited several Gulf and Atlantic ports, including Mobile and Charleston. She returned north to Norfolk 28 September for postshake-down alterations until 8 December. 

This duty continued until 12 April 1964 when USS Hunley (AS-31) sailed for conversion that provided capability of handling the new A3 Polaris Missile. She resumed her duties at Holy Loch 15 June 1964. Among impressive jobs carried out by USS Hunley (AS-31) is welding on SSBN pressure hulls or reactor plant fluid systems. Once unheard of in submarine tending, these jobs are only a few of many tackled with confidence and skill by USS Hunley (AS-31). These and many other alterations are carried out as a matter of routine to keep SSBN's on the line with the newest possible technical improvements and safety devices. USS Hunley (AS-31) meets demands from making water-borne propeller replacements to encapsulation of AC induction motors; delicate repairs to navigation and fire control, and many other varied tasks to insure that each SSBN has the finest of care on each refit. The resolution, can-do spirit, and persevering fidelity of her officers and men give firm allegiance to USS Hunley (AS-31)'s motto: "We Serve to Preserve Peace."

USS Hunley (AS-31) returned to the United States late in 1966 and in 1967 operates out of Charleston, S.C., laboring to keep sharp the edge of the Navy's underwater nuclear deterrent.

For a complete history of USS Hunley (AS-31) please see its DANFS page.