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Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels, to First Lord of the Admiralty Sir Eric Geddes


Origin Opnav, Washington           Serial No. Simben

Simben 14. Your Simben 32.1 For Sir Eric Geddes. Quote It would give me the greatest satisfaction and pleasure to have you and such other of the British Navy as you desire to have accompany you visit this country. I sincerely trust you will be able to arrange for this visit. I amsure your coming would be of mutual benefit to our respective countries. A warm welcome to you as head of the powerful Navy of Great Britain and to you personally awaits you from all America.2 Unquote Josephus Daniels. Advise Roosevelt of this reply.



Source Note: Cy, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517B. Addressed below close: “Transmitted to/First Lord by letter/Copy to Mr. Roosevelt.”

Footnote 2: Geddes replied the next day thanking Daniels for the “cordial message,” adding that he desired to visit the United States but, as Daniels knew, “getting away” was difficult, “however, I will endeavour to overcome.” William S. Sims to Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, 31 August 1918, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517B.

Footnote 3: Adm. William S. Benson, Chief of Naval Operations.

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