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Rear Admiral Herbert O. Dunn, Commander, Azores Detachment, to Vice Admiral William S. Sims, Commander, United States Naval Forces Operating in European Waters


  File 106.



                                  August 3, 1918.

From:          Commander, Azores Detachment.

To:            Force Commander.

Subject:       Weekly Report of Operations.

Reference:     (a) Force Instructions No. 2, 22 September 1917.1

1.        In compliance with reference (a) the following report is submitted for the week ending 3 August, 1918:

 (a) 28 July    Portuguese Gunboat IBO returned.

                K-6 on night patrol.

29 July    Italian S.S. SAN GENNARO arrived from New York enroute to Italy, stopping here for coal.

           U.S.S. WALKE and U.S.S. MAYRANT arrived from New York and convoy duty.

           E-1 unable to operate due to failure of battery.

           K-6 on night patrol.

30 July      American S.S. MACONA arrived from Bordeaux for water and provisions, enroute to the United States.

            U. S. Transport SIERRA enroute from Brest to United States put in here for repairs.  She had lost a starboard propeller, starboard tailshaft having broken in stern tube, after bulkhead in shaft alley broken down by stern gland, steam steering gear out of commission.

            Danish S.S. <ARNOLD> MAERSK enroute from Lisbon to New York, put into this port on account of typhoid fever on board.

            Italian S.S. SAN GENNARO sailed for Italy.

            K-1 on night patrol.

31 July    American S.S. MACONA sailed for New York.

           K-1 on night patrol.

1 August   Portuguese Gunboat IBO left.

           Received following cablegram from Force Commander – “Cargo Transport George G. Henry2 westbound reported having been on fire and taken in tow about 300 miles north of Azores  No further details 17431.”  Sent following to George G. Henry – “Is assistance needed. 12301.”

           U.S.S. MAYRANT sailed for Hampton Roads, Va.

           U.S. Transport SIERRA having completed such temporary repairs as were possible here, sailed for New York, escorted by U.S.S. WALKE.

           Portuguese Gunboat IBO returned, having been out for drills.

           British S.S. PENTWYN sailed for west coast of Africa.

           K-1 on night patrol.

2 August K-1 and K-6 on practice maneuvers during morning.

         U.S.S. CARIB arrived from Gibraltar.  Has on board new tail shaft for U.S.S. MARIETTA, also new crank shaft for Italian S.S. VIRGINIA.

           K-6 on night patrol.

3 August   K-6 on night patrol.

(b)     Marine Detachment and 7-inch Guns Detachment engaged in drills and camp work.

(c)      Aeronautic Company engaged in routine work.  Made following flights during the week:  Scouting 15, Water Runs 2, Motor Test 1, Instruction 7, Practice 1.



Source Note: DTS, DNA, RG45, Entry 520, Box 451. Distribution list below close: “Copies to:/Force Com. (3)/Operations./File.”

Footnote 1: See: Sims Instructions, 22 September 1917.

Footnote 2: For more on the emergency that prompted this distress signal, see: Henry B. Wilson to Sims, 4 August 1918.

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