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Office of the Chief of Naval Operations to Vice Admiral William S. Sims, Commander, United States Naval Forces Operating in European Waters

Action Copy.                           File No.

Cablegram Received  <August 9, 1918.>   AHI

Origin Opnav, Washington.                    Ser. No. 9659

Ref’d. to




9 August



<10 Aug>

        <Aug 9. 1918>





     42 ARD                            CONFIDENTIAL


9639. Exact knowledge arrival and departure European waters vessels engaged transportation troops and cargoes increasingly important. Department undertakes supply this information to many other departments. For convenience and to avoid error suggest you send one report daily designated QUOTE movements report UNQUOTE of all arrivals and departures troop and cargo vessels. Reports divided as follows 1st arrivals, 2nd departures with route and date of arrival United States, 3rd local movements. 1st and 2nd further sub-divided A United States troop transports B foreign vessels transporting United States troops C Navy cargo transports D Army or shipping control cargo transports commissioned in Navy or operated independently. If your information not sufficiently exact C and D may be combined. Under 2nd above when vessels need repairs on arrival United States this information desired. Your comment and action on above desired. 05009. 9639                  Benson.

                                  10:30 A.M. AUG 9.

Source Note: Cy, DNA, RG45, Entry 517B.

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