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Rear Admiral Herbert O. Dunn, Commander, Azores Detachment, to Vice Admiral William S. Sims, Commander, United States Naval Forces Operating in European Waters



  File 106.




                        Ponta Delgada, Azores, August 17, 1918.

From:          Detachment Commander.

To:            Force Commander.

Subject:       Report of Operations for week ending 17 August 1918.

Reference:     (a) Force Instructions No. 2 of 22 September


     1.        FORCES

          (a)  Available.

Gunboat MARIETTA   Station Ship; in fair condition, has a cracked shaft.

Monitor TONOPAH – Submarine Tender; in fair condition, requires port propeller.

Tug MONTAUK – General Duties; in good condition.

Bark QUEVILLY – Tank Ship; in good condition.

Sub. K-1 – Patrol Duty; engines poor, battery good, hull needs dry docking.  Due to absence of spare parts should only make short patrol trips in vicinity.

Sub. K-6 – Duty and condition same as K-1.

Sub. K-2– Patrol duty; engines poor, battery is nearly worn out, hull excellent. K-2 is available for harbor patrol only.

          (b) Unavailable for Sea Duty.

Sub. E-1 – Engines Excellent, battery is practically worn out, hull requires dry docking.  E-1 is unfit for any service.

Yacht MARGARET – Used as quarters for submarine crews, in poor condition, laid up.

Yacht GALATEA – Laid up, in poor condition.


     (a) 11 August    Portuguese S.S. SAN MIGUEL returned from

                   neighboring islands.

Received advice that U. S. S. RATHBURNE had sailed from Horta for United States at 4:30 p.m. yesterday.

K-1 on night patrol.

          12 August U.S.S. WADENA arrived from Gibraltar on

                   monthly mail trip.

Received cablegram from Force Commander relative to disposition of personnel of U.S.S. GALATEA, pursuant to her laying up, which was authorized on 31st ultimo.

K-1 on night patrol.

Received radio from vessel whose call letters were KGY that she was disabled in 36° N. 35° W., and required a tow.  Sent radio to U.S.S. NIAGARA convoy to render assistance if possible. Requested Commander Maritime Defenses of Azores2 to send assistance to KGY, but he advised that the Cruiser VASCO DA GAMA was unfitted for towing and that his other vessels were not suitable.  No United States vessel here was fitted to perform this duty.

          13 August K-1 on night patrol.

Portuguese S.S. SAN MIGUEL convoyed by Portuguese Trawler ALMIRANTE PACO d’ ARCOS sailed for Lisbon via Santa Maria and Madeira.

          14 August U.S.S. K-2 convoyed by U.S.S. MONTAUK

returned from Lisbon. U.S.S. MONTAUK left 7 men in hospital at Lisbon, burned by burning and explosion of a smoke box.

U.S.S. WADENA sailed for Madeira and Gibraltar.

K-6 on night patrol.

          15 August U.S.S. COLHOUN sailed for United States.

                   K-6 on night patrol.

          16 August American S.S. PATHFINDER, call letters KGY,

                   arrived at Horta, Fayal.

                   K-2 on night patrol.

          17 August K-2 on night patrol. . . .


     (a) and (b) – Received report from British G.S.O.(N) on August 15th that the converted mercantile submarine previously reported to be headed for the Azores’ barred zone was believed to have laid mines off the coast of the Azores. . . .

Source Note: DTS, DNA, RG45, Entry 520, Box 451. Address below close; “Copies to:/ Force Com. (3)/ Operations./ File.”

Footnote 2: Commander Maritime Defenses, Azores was likely a Portuguese official, but no further information has found.

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