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Navy Department to Commandants, Naval Districts One through Eight


August 2 1918                

<Comdts, 1st to 8th Naval Districts:>1

War warning begins Enemy submarines operated July thirtieth [ ? ] 1645 GMT2 38<°>27<'> 68<°>42<'>3 July thirty-first 1400 GMT 38<°>57<'> 61<°>07<'> August first 0830 GMT 3620 4732 all NW [?]  Enemy submarines may be encountered in Western Atlantic between Latitudes of Halifax and Cape Hatteras ends4

Sent to Commandan<ts> First to Eighth Naval Districts Broadcasted from Washington beginning 12:55 P.M. August 2 REI,5

Source Note: Cy, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517B. Below the close is a distribution list: “Op-19/Op-23/Op-47/Op-49/Gilpin/Fleet Office.”

Footnote 1: Naval districts one through eight were along the east coast and Gulf coast of the United States. In order the commandants were: These commandants in order were: The commandants in order are: RAdm. Spencer D. Wood, Comm. James P. Parker, RAdm. Nathanial R. Usher, Capt. George F. Cooper, RAdm. Augustus F. Fechteler, RAdm. Frank E. Beatty, Cmdr. Warren J. Terhune, Comm. Valentine S. Nelson.

Footnote 2: That is, Greenwich Mean Time.

Footnote 3: The first set of numbers are latitude; the second set of numbers are longitude. That pattern is followed throughout the message.

Footnote 4: The two German U-boats were: U-156, which was thought to be in the Gulf of Maine at this time, and U-140, which was then operating in the Western Atlantic. It began operations in American coastal waters on 1 August. Clark, U-Boats to America: 192-93, 176-79.

Footnote 5: Presumably the initials of the person who sent the message.

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