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USS Kane (DD-235)

Please see below for item level images and donated collections containing photographs of USS Kane (DD-235)

USS Kane (DD-235) laid was down 3 July 1918 by the New York Shipbuilding Corp., Camden, N.J.; launched 12 August 1919, sponsored by Miss Florence Kane, cousin of Elisha Kent Kane; and commissioned 11 June 1920, Comdr. William Hall in command.

USS Kane (DD-235) departed Newport 20 August 1920 for her shakedown cruise to Gibralter, Brest, Copenhagen. Danzig, and the Gulf of Riga. She was just outside the Gulf in the Baltic Sea 1 October 1920 and supposedly well-clear of the minefields laid in World War I when a mine exploded, bending her port engine shafts and port propeller struts. After repair at Landskrone, Sweden, and overhaul at Chatham, England, she sailed 21 May 1921 for the Mediterranean.

USS Kane (DD-235) arrived in Constantinople 22 October, and was constantly used to carry supplies, medical aid, refugees and relief officials between ports of the Black Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean. She departed Constantinople 18 May 1923 and spent the next 5 years with the Scouting Fleet operating along the East Coast and in the Caribbean. She departed New York 13 February 1925 for a fleet training cruise to San Diego, thence she sailed to Pearl Harbor and returned 17 July. In the spring of 1927 the USS Kane (DD-235) patrolled off bandit-plagued Nicaragua and the Honduras. She decommissioned in the Philadelphia Navy Yard 31 December 1930.

USS Kane (DD-235) recommissioned 1 April 1932 and departed Philadelphia 29 June for San Diego, her base for the next 4 years. She got underway from San Diego 27 April 1936 for fleet exercises in the Caribbean before entering the New York Navy Yard to prepare for special service. USS Kane (DD-235) recommissioned 23 September 1939 to serve in the neutrality patrol in the North Atlantic. On 7 August she took up inshore defensive patrol along both coastlines of Panama. She then steamed to San Diego, arriving 4 November 1940, to patrol off the coast of California.

USS Kane (DD-235) overhauled in the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard from 4 January to 3 March 1941, she was based at Seattle for patrols north to Alaska, and along the western seaboard. After the Japanese struck Pearl Harbor, she departed Seattle for Kodiak, Alaska, and escorted troop transports back to Seattle 23 December. Following a similar escort voyage, USS Kane (DD-235) arrived at Seward 19 April 1942 for inter-island convoy and submarine patrols among Alaskan ports. After training out of Pearl Harbor and preparations at Eniwetok, USS Kane (DD-235) landed Marines for the invasion of Saipan 15 June 1944. After the fast carriers of the 5th Fleet destroyed Japan's carrier-based airpower in the Battle of the Philippine Sea, the transport supported Underwater Demolition Team 4 in operations off Saipan.

USS Kane (DD-235) departed San Pedro Bay, Leyte, 13 September escorting Occupation troops to Korea, arriving Jinsen 17 September. Thereafter she became an unofficial receiving ship and handled communications for the Jinsen representative of the 7th Amphibious Force. Relieved 12 November 1945, she headed for home arrived San Diego 13 December 1945. After sending 149 Navy veterans ashore, she transited the Panama Canal for the Philadelphia Navy Yard, where USS Kane (DD-235) decommissioned 24 January 1946.

For a complete history of USS Kane (DD-235) please see its DANFS page.