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USS H-2 (SS-29)

Please see below for item level images and donated collections containing photographs of USS H-2 (SS-29)

Attached to the Pacific Fleet, USS H-2 (SS-29) operated along the West Coast, usually in company with USS H-1 (SS-28), on various exercises and patrols out of San Pedro until October 1917 when she sailed for the East Coast. Transferred to the Atlantic Fleet as of 9 November 1917, she cruised in the Caribbean for most of that winter, also conducting special submarine detection tests with aircraft and patrol vessels from Key West. After having new engines installed at Philadelphia in the spring of 1918, she resumed patrols in the Caribbean until the end of the war when she returned to the sub base at New London. From there USS H-2 (SS-29) operated in Long Island Sound, often with student officers from the submarine school on board.

Heading west again, USS H-2 (SS-29) sailed with USS H-1 (SS-28) on 6 January 1920, touching at several Caribbean ports before transiting the Panama Canal on 20 February. When USS H-1 (SS-28) went aground off Santa Margarita Island on 12 March, USS H-2 (SS-29) stood by and sent rescue and search parties for survivors, helping to save all but four of her sister ship's crew. She then continued to San Pedro, arriving 20 March.

Drills and exercises with the Pacific Fleet and the 7th Submarine Division out of San Pedro were interrupted by an extensive Mare Island overhaul in the winter of 1921, after which USS H-2 (SS-29) returned to the same schedule. In company with- SubDiv 7,- she sailed from- San Pedro on 25 July 1922, reaching Hampton Roads on 14 Septem bervia Acapulco, Corinto, and Coco Solo. USS H-2 (SS-29) decommissioned there on 23 October 1922. Her name was struck from the Navy List 18 December 1930.- She was sold for scrapping in September 1931.

For a complete history of USS H-2 (SS-29) please see its DANFS page.