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USS Greenwich Bay (AVP-41)

Please see below for item level images and donated collections containing photographs of USS Greenwich Bay (AVP-41)

USS Greenwich Bay (AVP-41) was launched 17 March 1945 by the Lake Washington Shipyard, Houghton, Wash.; sponsored by Mrs. Francis B. Johnson, wife of the Commander Fleet Air Wing 6; and commissioned 20 May 1945, Cmdr. Peter F. Boyle in command.

Departing San Diego 26 August after an intensive shakedown, USS Greenwich Bay (AVP-41) sailed for Taku, China, 5 October via Pearl Harbor, Midway, and Okinawa. USS Greenwich Bay (AVP-41) sailed 30 April 1949 to assume duties as flagship for Commander, U.S. Navy Middle East Force. Every year since then she has repeated this duty, sailing through the Mediterranean to operate as flagship in the Red Sea, Persian Gulf, and Indian Ocean for 4 to 6 months.

When the Suez Crisis flared up in 1956 and seemed to threaten war, USS Greenwich Bay (AVP-41) extended her normal cruise in the Persian Gulf to be able to evacuate American dependents and civilians if necessary. As a result of the blocking of the canal, USS Greenwich Bay (AVP-41) had to return to the States around the Cape of Good Hope.

Ports which USS Greenwich Bay (AVP-41) has visited as part of her official duties as flagship include virtually every major Mediterranean, Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean and Red Sea city as well as several African ones. Among them are Recife, Lisbon, Malta, Bombay, Istanbul, Athens, Beirut, Mombassa (Kenya), Cannes, Karachi, and Madras. USS Greenwich Bay (AVP-41) has made 15 Mediterranean deployments protecting American interests and helping to maintain peace in the Middle East. In a conversation with Admiral R. R. Carney and Captain (now Rear Admiral) E. M. Eller, Commander Middle Eastern Force, the late King Iban Saud expressed the Navy's role in this historic region: "The Navy loves freedom. It is the Bedouin of the sea."

USS Greenwich Bay (AVP-41) was struck from the Navy List 1 July 1966.

For a complete history of USS Greenwich Bay (AVP-41) please see its DANFS page.