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USS Gray (DE-1054/FF-1054) 

Please see below for item level images and donated collections containing photographs of USS Gray (DE-1054/FF-1054) 

USS Gray (DE-1054) was laid down 19 November 1966 by Todd Shipyards Corp., Seattle, Wash., with her completion planned for the winter of 1969. Once completed and commissioned, she will screen attack and support ships and operate against submarines. Operating either alone or with a hunter-killer group, she will be able to seek out and destroy enemy submarines with the latest and most advanced ASW equipment. Moreover, her ability to perform blockade, surveillance, and search and evacuation missions at a moment's notice will add to the Navy's deterrent force and aid in the continuing task of "keeping the peace."

USS Gray (DE-1054) served in the Surface Force of the United States Pacific Fleet. She made numerous deployments to the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans, including in support of United States Naval operations during the Vietnam War. In the early 1980s her home port was San Diego, California. In 1982 USS Gray (DE-1054) was reassigned to the reserve fleet in Long Beach, CA. In later years her home port was Naval Station Treasure Island, in San Francisco. USS Gray (DE-1054) was decommissioned 29 June 1991, struck 11 January 1995 and scrapped 21 July 2001.

For a complete history of USS Gray (DE-1054/FF-1054) please see its DANFS page.