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Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels, Circular on High Powered Guns for Troop Transports




May 14, 1918  

To:  Bureaus of Construction and Repair

                Steam Engineering


     Commandant, 3d Naval District (New York)

     Commandant, 5th  "       "    (Norfolk)

     Commander, Cruiser Force1

     Armed Guard Office.

SUBJECT:  Troop Transport – Higher powered guns for.

     1.   In order that the transports may be more effectively armed for action against submarines, the low-powered guns mounted aft on troop transports will be replaced by 5” 51 cal. and 6” 50 cal. as opportunity is presented. The low-powered guns will be available for use on vessels other than troop transports, and no more high-powered guns should be placed on cargo ships until troop transports have been furnished two each, except in case the after gun is mounted on center line, where one is sufficient.

     2.   The following guns then will be considered suitable for mounting aft on troop transports:

               6” 50 cal. or 5” 51 cal.

     3.   Other guns will be considered suitable for other than troopships.

     4.   This change will be made as vessels become available, and to this endguns should be assembled at New York and Norfolk for the ships assigned those ports.

Josephus Daniels.       

Source Note: Cy, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517B. Document reference: “8745-266/Mat-ML 5/13.”

Footnote 1: RAdm. Nathaniel R. Usher, Commandant, 3rd Naval District (New York), Commandant, RAdm. Walter McLean, 5th Naval District (Norfolk); and RAdm. Albert Gleaves, Commander, Cruiser and Transport Forces, Atlantic Fleet.

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