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Captain Hutchinson I. Cone, Commander, Naval Aviation Forces, Foreign Service, to Admiral William S. Benson, Chief of Naval Operations

CABLEGRAM RECEIVED       May <25, 1918> 00526          SFM

Origin    Amnavpar, Paris.    (Naval Aviation)    Ser.No. 1976.


     31 AD



1976.     For Chief Operations.    Due to death detachment and revocation of commissioned officers there are now but 281 Naval Aviators abroad. Of officers there are 181 heavier than air pilots, 23 dirigibles and 34 kite balloon pilots. Of enlisted personnel there are in heavier than air craft 24 qualified for Naval aviators and 29 students Naval aviators, in dirigible 1 student Naval aviator. There are now 61 pilots both officers and enlisted qualified for flying HS-1.1 Of pilots now abroad there will be total of 95 fully trained and competent to act as pilots of HS-1 by August 1st and we will have 28 qualified pilots for H-162 by August 1st and there are 2 officers for day bombing and 10 officers for night bombing now training in England. Arrangements have been made with United States Army for training 18 pilots and 18 observers in day bombing beginning June 1st. Arrangements have been made with French for training 18 pilots and 18 observers in day bombing during July and August. Arrangements have been made with French for training 20 pilots and 20 observers in night bombing, date of this training not yet determined. Pilots and observers to be trained with French and U.S. Army to be used as flying personnel for beginning first class bombing project. There are now 27 enlisted student Naval aviators in Italy under instruction. When over Italian stations are ready for operation we have total of 20 officers pilots on duty in Italy. 16 officers pilots are being used as commanding officers and for special duty.    23325.    1976



Source Note: Cy, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517, Box 3.

Footnote 1: HS-1 Curtiss single engine aircraft.

Footnote 2: H-16 Curtiss four seater, two engine seaplane.

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