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Admiralty to Vice Admiral Sir William Lowther Grant. Commander, North America and West Indies Station

                 TELEGRAM.                       OUT



To SEE BELOW.                                  DATE  XXXXX

SENT 1316.


          Arrangements are being made by U.S. Naval Authorities to specially detail U.S. Officers as Vice Commodores in H.N. Convoys.2

          These Officers will assist Commodore and after point of separation will take charge of vessels for Bay of Biscay ports.

          They should be supplied with Convoy Cypher.

          The first U.S. Vice Commodore will sail with H.N. 68.3

          Sent to C. in C. N.A. and W.I. 870.

          Repeated to N.V.C. New York. 133.



Source Note: Cy, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517B. There is a routing list below the close that reads: “A.C.N.S. [Assistant Chief of the Naval Staff RAdm. Alexander L. Duff] D.M.M. [Director, Mercantile Movements Division] FORCE COMMANDER U.S.N. [VAdm. William S. Sims] F.L.O.”

Footnote 1: The designation for the code used to transmit this message.

Footnote 2: “H. N.” convoys were those departing from New York.

Footnote 3: H. N. 68 arrived in Brest on 24 May. Wilson, American Navy in France: 51.

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