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Office of the Chief of Naval Operations to Capt. Robert L. Russell, Commandant, Twelfth Naval District, and Capt. Robert E. Coontz, Commandant, Thirteenth Naval District



                     NAVY DEPARTMENT,           OP-3052


(Bureau or office.)

<2nd 51-7>                               May 8th, 1918., 101

 (Class of message)


<3052> 11003 (RADICODE) Ships commissioned in Navy and operated by Navy for Shipping Control Committee will be manned supplied fueled and repaired by Navy period Orders will be issued by Department to trade between such ports as Shipping Control Committee direct and to load and discharge as directed by Shipping Control Agents. 13008.


Class 3.

Source Note: Cy, RG 45, Entry 517B. The message is typed on a form. At the bottom of this form are a number of pre-printed entries that are not filled in with one exception, “Time” in which someone has handwritten “225 P”m. At the very bottom of the document is printed “(FILE COPY.)” At the top of the document is “(Reference.)” “SP-37-H” and “N.S.O.14.”

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