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Edward Dana Durand, Food Administration Representative, to Herbert Hoover, President, Food Administration

Chronological Copy.                     File No. <25/1/8>

Cablegram Sent 12 May 1918.   ROC1

To Opnav, Washington.         Serial No. 7805

Prep. by C-3                  SX D.R.

29 ADR.            

7805.     To Hoover, Food Administration, Washington, from Durand.

          The following sent suggestion Stevens and Rublee,2 and though outside my field, my observation and investigation here confirms views. Most American authorities apparently not fully appreciative shortage ship tonnage and necessity for economy in use. This involves thorough examination import programs of allied countries, including United States, which should be done by expert inter-allied executives or committees in which United States representatives actively participate. Such executives would then furnish bases for policy Allied Maritime Transport Council in assigning tonnage. Executives in certain fields are not yet established and there is still insufficient co-ordination of programs individual countries and programs concerning different classes of products. United States not adequately represented here in this program work, either regarding number persons present or their powers, nor are American obligations in economizing import tonnage sufficiently recognized home. Stevens and Rublee trying to impress these matters on President.3 They cabled at length to Shipping Board May 4.4 Suggest you read that message which they are asking Board to furnish you. Meantime, in view large share food administration has in tonnage problem seems desirable you send representative, for example, Cotton or Glasgow,5 to investigate subject from your standpoint and report to you personally. This might ultimately influence American action in other quarters.

          No one here can by cabling make situation entirely clear or discuss plans adequately. Therefore you need personal report from man who has been on ground several weeks.

          I have not consulted Sheldon6 about this suggestion.

          We are considering British bacon and ham program as directed.7

          Probably arrive Paris sixteenth. Durand. 02512 7805.


Source Note: Cy, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517B.

Footnote 1: Initials of the transcriber.

Footnote 2: Raymond B. Stevens, Chariman, Shipping Board, and Representative, Allied Maritime Transport Council, and George Rublee, Representative, Allied Maritime Transport Council.

Footnote 3: President Woodrow Wilson.

Footnote 5: Food Administration Legal Counsels Joseph P. Cotton and William Glasgow.

Footnote 6: Louis P. Sheldon, Food Administration Representative in London.

Footnote 7: This is a reference to the British system of rationing private sales of meat.

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