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Rear Admiral Joseph Strauss, Commander, Mine Force, Atlantic Fleet, to the Bureau of Ordnance

<June 17, 1918>


From: Commander Mine Forces

To:    Buord

              9693 Shortly after laying,about three per cent of the mines exploded and explosions occur<r>ed all levels daily since. It is believed to be due to the leaking K-1 device,leaking floats fill and drop or possible snagging of antenna touc<h>ing case as floats rise and fall with the wave motion.The mines were laid 250 feet apart. Hereafter will be laid 300 feet.Circuit breakers are essential.How many and when have they been shipped. 10116 14017 9693


Source Note: Cy, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517B. At the top of the page appears the following identifier, “IL-9693”. At the end of the document are routing instructions for this cable: “Op-19/Mat1/Op-28/Op-14/Buord/1136 am 6-17-18

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