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Lieutenant Commander Robert A. Dawes, Commanding Officer, U.S. Destroyer Wainwright, to Rear Admiral Henry B. Wilson, Commander, United States Naval Forces Based in France


                       U. S. S. Wainwright,

                   Base Seven, [Brest, France]

                           9 June 1918.

From: Commanding Officer.

To:   Commander U.S.Naval Forces in France.

Subject: Characteristics of U. S. S. Wainwright.

Reference: (a) Your Letter FMR/6-18/ of 8 June 1918.1

     1.   In compliance with above reference, the following information is supplied:

     (a)  Displacement (approximate): 1150 tons.

     (b)  Length: 315 feet.

     (c)  Maximum speed: 29.6 knots.

     (d)  Draft (loaded) 10’ 7” forward, 11’ 00” aft.

     (e)  Radius at 10, 15, 20 and 25 knots:

          10 knots – 3200 miles.

          15 knots – 3000 miles.

          20 knots – 2100 miles.

          25 knots – 1100 miles.

     (f)  Radius of radio equipment: 1000 miles.

     (g)  Fuel capacity: 93906 gallon.

     (h)  Comments on sea keeping characteristics:

Generally excellent. So far as the experience of the present Commanding Officer is concerned, this vessel has been able to keep at sea under all conditions of weather.

     (i)  Battery: 4 – 4 inch guns, 4 double torpedo tubes.

     (j)  Type and number of depth charges: Type – U. S. Mark 11

          Mod. 1. Number - 12. 

     2.   This vessel is fitted with neither bomb tracks nor throwers. The tracks and throwers were to be installed during the refit period scheduled to begin about 15 June. The Y guns to be installed during refit are now on board this vessel.


Source Note: D, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517B, Destroyer Ships Files: Wainwright. Identifier “9-1-18.” appears in the upper-left corner.

Footnote 1: This letter has not been found.

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