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War Diary of Admiral Henry T. Mayo, Commander, Atlantic Fleet

WAR DIARY         Atlantic Fleet         Vol. 15.      Page -14-

<(Rpt. of Commd’r-in-Chief)>

File: III A-8-c

     SUB AREA:      General.

     SOURCE:        War Diary, Atlantic Fleet, Vol. 15.

     SUBJECT:       Gas Offense at Sea – Research work to

determine possibility of use of.

     Date:          June 15, 1918

1.   1. The Commander in Chief recommends that research work be undertaken to determine the possibility of using gas effectively at sea; and suggests the possibility of landing smoke screens with poison gas and of laying gas screens from floating pots.

/s/ H.T.MAYO            

Source Note: TDS, DNA, RG 45, Entry 520, Box 330.