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Vice Admiral William S. Sims, Commander, United States Naval Forces Operating in European Waters, to Captain William V. Pratt, Assistant Chief of Naval Operations

June 29th. 1918.

My dear Pratt,

          I enclose you herewith, as usual, a copy of the letter to Admiral Benson.1 I have only just returned from Queenstown and find a heap of correspondence to attend to, so I would not have time to write you any gossip even if there was anything outside of what is in Admiral Benson’s letter.

          But I want to straighten out this business about Daniels.2 It is true that before he went home I wrote to you tentatively agreeing that it would be a good thing to have him remain in Washington to be our representative there and to push along business.3

          I assume at the time that this would suit Daniels perfectly well and I found out my mistake only when he was about to leave. This was confirmed by a heart-broken letter he has written to Babby because he believes he is not going to getback on the job.4

          You know of course my sentiments in regard to Danny. He is one of the stand-bys, a model of loyalty and efficiency. Can you not therefore let it be understood that he is over there on a liaison trip for the benefit of this fighting organization over here and that he should come back within a reasonable time.5

          I think it is a good scheme that we should have a representative in your office at all times, provided that he does not stay there long enough to get out of touch with the rapidly changing conditions over here; so if you can arrange it for Danny to come back we will promptly send another man and I will keep up this rotation of liaison officers until we have finally succeeded in downing the Hun.

Always very sincerely yours,      

Source Note: LT, DLC-MSS, William S. Sims Papers, Box 78. Addressed below close: “Captain W.V.Pratt, U.S.Navy./Office of Naval Operations,/ Navy Dept./Washington.D.C.”

Footnote 2: Lt. Cmdr. Joseph F. Daniels.

Footnote 3: See: Sims to Pratt, 4 April 1918.

Footnote 4: Sims’ aide Cmdr. John V. Babcock. The letter has not been found.

Footnote 5: Daniels did rejoin Sims’ staff.

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