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Lieutenant Commander Kenneth M. Whiting to Colonel H. A. Williamson, R.A.F, 18th Air Group




30 Grosvenor Gardens,

London, S.W.1.

U.S. Naval Detachment,  

Royal Air Force Station,

Killingholme, England,

June 7, 1918. 

Memorandum for Col. Williamson, 18th Group.

     Cargo brought to Killingholme on board the USS JASON.

     The JASON arrived at Immingham Docke May 30, 1918 at 10:30 p.m. with in general, the following stores,

     The following equipment for Naval Air Station, Killingholme:

(1.) 23 H-16 flying boats1 complete with spare wings. 50% spare engines and miscellaneous other spare equipment, and seaplane handling trucks.

(2.) 8 seaplane towing lighters complete with all equipment.

3 six ton Packard motor trucks

3 three ton Packard motor trucks

3 seven passenger Cadillac tour cars

5 Ford five passenger touring cars

2 3/4 ton Ranier motor trucks

3 side car Indian motor cycles

2 Indian motorcycles without side cars

(3)  2 thirty-five ft. 100 horsepower motor barges

4 motor dories

2 dingies

(4)  Complete equipment of loose and hand tools for joiner and machine shop work.

3 month’s supply clothing and dry provisions for 800 men to the amount of about 350 tons.

(5)  Raw materials for repairs to seaplanes including fabric, dope, veneer, spruce, mahogony, ash, paints, wire, turnbuckles etc. . .

     After a conference with the Admiralty Commander of the Port, Group Commander,2 and railroad authorities, and other officers, the plan of procedure was outlined and the unloading of the JASON began at noon Saturday, May 31, 1918. The major portion of the uploading of the aviation material was undertaken and completed with the enlisted force on board the JASON assisted by working parties from the air station at Killingholme. The unloading was carried on without interruption until it was finally completed at 9:30 p.m., Wednesday, June 5, 1918. At the present time all aviation material has been loaded on railroad trucks and dispatched to the Air Station at Killingholme with the exception of a number of seaplane packing cases which are waiting and require special cares for transportation, and are waiting until such time as the cares now at this station can be unloaded and returned to Immingham Docks. There were on board the JASON eight officers as follows:

Lieut. Comdr. K. Whiting, USN

Lieut. B. G. Leighton, USN   

Asst. Nav. Constr. R. H. Lake, USN

Ens. T. Murphy, USN (T)      

Ens. B. Rhodes, USNRF        

Ens. Reese Hawkins, USNRF    

Bosn. L. A. Welty, USN3     

Mach. Alfred Ward, USN.      

     There were also 109 enlisted men for aviation duty, including coxswains for boats and lighters, carpenters and boat builders, riggers, wireworkers etc. All officers have reported on the station for duty and all enlisted men intended for this station are being transferred from the JASON to the Air Station today.

K. Whiting

Source Note: Cy, UK-KeNA, ADM 137/655.

Footnote 1: Curtiss Twin Engine H-16, a 4 seat flying boat.

Footnote 2: RAdm. George A. Ballard, R.N. and Colonel H. A. Williamson, R.A.F, 18th Group.

Footnote 3: Lt. Bruce G. Leighton, Asst. Nav. Constr. Robert H. Lake, Ens. Thomas Murphy, Ens. Braxton Rhodes, U.S.N.R.F.

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