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Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels Circular to Commandants of Navy Yards


From:     Secretary of the Navy.

To:       Commandant, U. S. Navy Yards Portsmouth,

          Boston,   New York, Philadelphia,

          Washington,    Norfolk,  Charleston,

          New Orleans,   San Francisco, Puget Sound.1

SUBJECT:  Armed Guard Ships to keep outside of Norwegian territorial waters.

     1.   The New Department directs that for the present no American Vessel carrying an “Armed Guard” shall enter or pass through Norwegian territorial waters.

     2.   Where it is contemplated routing any such vessels so that they would pass through these territorial waters, the Armed Guard Commander should promptly notify the Commandant, in order that the Armed Guards may be removed before the vessel’s departure.

     3.   Inform Commanders of Armed Guard of the above instructions.

Josephus Daniels

Source Note: Cy, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517B. A later editor dated this document to 13 November 1917. Document reference: “Op-24-A/28754-1:25/132.

Footnote 1: Commandants, Capt. William R. Rush of Boston, RAdm. Walter McClean of Norfolk, RAdm,. Nathaniel R. Usher of New York, Capt. Marbury Johnston of New Orleans, Capt. Robert L. Russell of Philadelphia, Capt. Frank M. Bennett of Mare Island, Capt. Robert E. Coontz of Puget Sound.

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