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Documentary Histories

War Diary of U.S.S. Conyngham

February 5, 1918.

     At Sea. Escorting U.S.S.HENDERSON to St. Nazaire.

     At 8:08 a.m. U.S.S.APHRODITE1 joined escort and took station ahead of convoy

     At 9:35 a.m. parted company with U.S.S.HENDERSON. Escort formed column astern of Conyngham and headed for Queenstown. Speed 18 knots.

     At 10:12 a.m. formed scouting line.

     Intercepted the following submarine reports:- Quote, S.O.S. 36-26--01-087. Sardinia torpedoed. 1904 unquote. Quote submarine reports,2

     . . . . Positions

                   8:00 a.m. Lat. Off St. Nazaire.

                   NOON      Lat. 47-35 N. Long. 4-06 W.

                   8:00 p.m. Lat. 49-05 N  Long. 6-00 W.

Source Note: D, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517B, Destroyer Ships Files: Conyngham.

Footnote 1: A converted yacht purchased by the Navy on 11 May 1917. She performed extensive duty in European waters and was returned to her former owner on 12 July 1919.

Footnote 2: It appears that the Conyngham’s war diary copied the coded positions of these submarines. As the editors were unable to determine the meaning of the coded section, they have omitted it.

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