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Vice Admiral William S. Sims, Commander, United States Naval Forces Operating in European Waters, to Vice Admiral Henry B. Wilson, Commander, United States Naval Forces Based in France

COPY OF CABLEGRAM SENT.  Nov. 8, 1918.  Y-3

To  Comfran Brest.                              Ser. No. 9211  C-1                 BAL Night

                                     42 ARD.


9211.     1. In order to provide maximum security in transporting troops to United States it is proposed to establishe a fixed westbound transport lane to be used throughout year, and to publish this lane in pilot charts, and to request all traffic to keep specially bright lookout in crossing lane and to cross so far as practicable during daylight.

          2. Lane proposed will pass through position “A” Latitude 47°30'N. Longitude 10°W. thence on great circle to Position “B” Latitude 39°30'N. Longitude 47°W. Ships for New York or Delaware after passing “B” steer direct for Position “C” Latitude 39°50'N Longitude 70°W. thence direct for destination. Ships for Chesapeake after passing Position “B” steer direct for Chesapeake.

          3. This lane will be primarily for transports bound to New York or ports south. Nothing will prevent transports from following a more southerly route if this becomes desirable.  

          4. Transports sailing for ports north of New York will follow regular great circle lane from Scillies to destination. Lanes referred to were agreed to in 1913 and are shown on U.S. pilot charts and on Admiralty chart No.2058.

          5. Westbound cargo vessels to follow special transport lane throughout year or more southerly route. Cargo vessels bound for ports north of New York follow same procedure as paragraph 4 if weather permits.

          6. All eastbound vessels whether cargo vessels or troop transports to follow procedure recommended in my 9207.1

          7. Westbound loaded transports to be sailed so as to cross north and south traffic in Bay of Biscay so far as possible during daylight.

          8. All troop transports to be fitted with speed light on main truck for use as range light.

             Please forward any comments without delay. 182108 9211


Source Note: Cy, DNA, RG 45, Entry 5617B. Document identifier on columnar fashion: “C/J/1/3.”

Footnote 1: Cable not found.

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