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Admiral Henry T. Mayo, Commander-in-Chief, Atlantic Fleet, to Admiral William S. Benson, Chief of Naval Operations

Action Copy.                                File No.

CABLEGRAM RECEIVED  November 24th, 1918.

Origin    Simsadus, London.                 Ser. No. 210

Ref’d. to





Decoded BH  CC




To:  Amnavpar, Paris.

     Strongly recommends earliest possible assembly of fleet for resuming of fleet training and fleet exercises.

     2.   The following composition of fleet suggested for consideration with regard to available ships.

     3.   Three battleship squadrons in full commission, and battleship squadron in reserve operating status for training purpose. First or reserve squadron composed of five U.S.S.Georgia, S and three U.S.S.Ohio, S second squadron composed of six U.S.S. Connecticutt, S and two U.S.S. Michigan S third squadron composed of eight coal burning dreadnaughts, squadron four composed of oil burning dreadnaughts, U.S.S. Pennsylvania as fleet flagship, all other old battleships out of commission.

     4.   Cruiser force consists first squadron composed of three U.S.S. Seattle S two U.S.S. Montana S and five U.S.S. Pueblo S, squadron 2 composed of six U.S.S. Chattagnooga S two U.S.S. Albany S and two U.S.S.Raleigh S. Squadron 2 to be on detached service if required.

     5.   Destroyer force with U.S.S. Rochester as force flagship five flotillas each as 18 recent destroyers and each with flotilla flagship and flotilla tender, flotilla flagship U.S.S.Chester, U.S.S.Birmingham, U.S.S. Salem and two U.S.S.Charleston S, flotilla tender to exclude U.S.S. Panther and U.S.S.Dixie other flotilla with tender in reserve operating status and for training purposes.

     6.   Submarine force with U.S.S. Olympia as force flagship, one flotilla of best submarine preferably composed of three divisions, each division with own tender. Other division maintain in reserve operating status and for training purposes.

     7.   Mine force consisting of mine laying squadron constituted as at present except U.S.S.Saranae and U.S.S. Quinnebaug which are understood to be in poor condition. Mine sweeping squadron composed of 3 divisions of six sweepers each, U.S.S.BlackHawk as force tender.

     8.   Train, consists of two repair ships, at least four oilers, at least eight colliers, three supply ships, at least eight tugs, two store and minition [i.e., munition] ship, two hospital ships when available sufficient transports to carry one regiment of marines and one transport of fleet receiving ship one kite balloon ship and one sea plane hangar ship to be provided as soon as practicable.

     9.   If more details are desired can submit detailed recommendations including composition of unit and force on above basis. For Admiral Benson. Mayo. 131924.


Source Note: Cy, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517B. “Form A” appears in the top-left corner of the first page.

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