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Office of the Chief of Naval Operations to Admiral Henry T. Mayo, Commander-in-Chief, Atlantic Fleet

Authority to release   U. S. NAVAL DESPATCH

                            Receiving Data    <November 20/1918>




Operator or Signalman


Date and Time




DN         WS


9:55 PM


VIA   NAVY RADIO  PR               System         Code or Cipher

Address   CINC1                    ANDWIRE        AMUTI    G

     War Department states movement of troops from EUROPE will begin in about 20 days period. Defering <Referring> to CINC’s letter of BUNAV relative to use of battleship’s for carrying troops comma recommendations contained therein are approved period.2 CINC take steps to prepare USS OHIO and vessels of USS VIRGINIA and USS LOUISIANA class for the duty period. USS MICHIGAN and USS SOUTH CAROLINA will continue on present dutyand will also xxxx used to carry troops after installing new propeller shafts paragraph.

     BUNAV3 will issue necessary instructions for disposition of excess personnel. CINC, COMCRUFOR,4 Acknowledge.

Sending Data

Forwarded 17020




Operator or Signalman


Date and Time

Via <D867> Acknowledge by






This is a translation. Shall NEVER be transmitted, unless marked “PLAIN.”

Source Note: DT, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517B. This dispatch is on a printed form. Along the right margin is a distribution list of those people and departments to whom this message might be sent. There are three columns: “Officer,” “Show,” and “Initials.” There are twenty-five individuals or departments listed under “Officer” and one blank though numbered line. Five of these have a check beside them in the “Show” column as well as initials in the “Initial” column.

Footnote 1: At this time, Mayo was in Europe on an inspection tour and the acting Commander-in-Chief was VAdm. Albert W. Grant.

Footnote 2: While this letter has not been found, both Grant and Mayo opposed using battleships to transport troops. Nevertheless, the Department overruled these objections and on 3 December movement orders were sent to Battleship Force One for two pre-dreadnoughts to sail for Brest, France, every week, beginning 10 December 1918. Jones. “U.S. Battleship Operations,” 239-40.

Footnote 3: That is, the Bureau of Navigation, which dealt with matters of personnel.

Footnote 4: VAdm. Albert Gleaves, Commander, Cruiser and Transport force. While the battleships were on transport duty, they were under Gleaves’ command. Ibid., 244.

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