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Documentary Histories

General Bulletin #13


U.S. Naval Forces, European Waters.

London, England.

8 November, 1918.


. . . 2. The Navy Department has expressed gratification for the excellent performance of U.S.S. F. H. BUCK in making two complete European trips in 40 days.

3. U.S.S KERWOOD U.S.S. HILTON and U.S.S LAKE ST. CLAIR have been taken over and commissioned by the Navy. . . .

5. From October 1 to October 16 the Communications Office, Flag Office, Brest, handled daily a average of 360 incoming and outgoing messages by wire, totaling about 15000 words for every 24 hours.

6. Basket Ball has been introduced to the English at Eastleigh. Teams from the Aviation Base played their first game in the R.A.F. Drill Hall, Southampton, November 1.

7. There were recently embarked at a British Channel port 13,000 troops and about 2,000 horses, aboard 26 ships, in a single day. This established a record.

8. During the month of September the Y.M.C.A. EAGLE Hut, Strand, London, served 83,135 meals. The largest number of meals served on a single day was 3,028. In the same time 8,370 men slept at the hut and 2,665 baths were taken, according to statistics of the organisation.

9. A further statement of Lieut. E.V. Isaacs, who has escaped out of Germany after capture from U.S.S. PRESIDENT LINCOLN by U-90 last spring, reads, regarding the depth-bombing of the submarine by 2 U.S. destroyers:

Kapitan Leutnant Remy1 told me he thought the destroyers were 4 miles away. We were sitting in the wardroom, having ‘kaffee’ Five of the depth-charges were so close I thought surely we were done for. I really don’t know which side I was cheering for. I should judge that the closest explosions were not more than 300 yards away. No leaks developed, and the lights remained on. Once before they had been extinguished during a bomb-dropping contest, so Remy told me.”

“He took the show rather calmly, but I could tell that his officers were worried. The crew were all at their stations, and while I know they were frightened, their rigid discipline prevented them from giving vent to their feelings. Not a sound was made during the show, except the frequent reports from the man at the microphones to the Captain. I could have heard a pin drop, it was so still.”

“Remy told me there was one thing he dreaded worse than depth-bombs – the unknown mine-fields through which he might run at any time.”

10. In normal times – in peace times – it costs about a billion dollars a year to run the Government. For the fiscal year ended June 30, 1918, Congress appropriated in round numbers, including deficiencies, $18,882,000,000. For 1919 Congress has appropriated in round numbers at the present session, including deficiencies and appropriation bills pending, $24,330,000,000.

Force Commander’s Office.    

Intelligence Section.

Source Note: DT, DLC-MSS, William S. Sims Papers, Box 24.

Footnote 1: Lt. Walter Remy.