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Diary of Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels

NOVEMBER                  WEDNESDAY 6                      1918

War Council_ Discussed getting food to Austria to feed starving people_ Cannot use money for that purpose_ Could we lend to Jugo-Slavs? Lansing1 to be asked to furnish statement as to whether we had power. If so, could be supplied to them and then we could sent food-stuffs_

Hoover2 to go to Europe and Hurley3 too_ Hoover on food and Hurley about ships _ To try to get Austrian ships in S.A. ports & others tied up to transport food, Hoover thought as this country would have to furnish money direct or lend it to England & France we ought to undertake it and let it have our brand Baruch4 said France wanted much steel, England wanted many things _ “I wish no ships & nothing done till peace. I intend to carry as many weapons to the peace table as I can conceal on my person”5 I will be cold & firm[.] GB [i.e., Great Britain] selfish _ He looked for League of Nations to settle freedom of the seas

Source Note: D, DLC-MSS, Josephus Daniels Papers, Diaries, Roll 1.

Footnote 1: Secretary of State Robert Lansing.

Footnote 2: Herbert Hoover, Director, United States Food Administration.

Footnote 3: Edward N. Hurley, Chairman, United States Shipping Board.

Footnote 4: Bernard M. Baruch, Chairman, War Industries Board.

Footnote 5: Although not attributed to him, this quote is clearly from President Woodrow Wilson.

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